Masaaki Group

We started our journey in 1976 with Holmawood Sdn. Bhd. as an exporter of sawn timber, mouldings and other timber related products to overseas markets. Our export markets include the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia South Africa, Australia and other several regions in Asia.

It is also worth a mention that we have been a registered member of the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC), Malaysian Timber Industrial Board (MTIB), Malaysian Furniture council (MFC), Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), and Timber Exporters Association Malaysia (TEAM) for about 45 years. We are also the member of Japan Club and JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization).

Expansion Of New Business Using EM Technology

24 years ago, a group of Japanese business associates introduced our company, Masaaki Sdn. Bhd. to Professor Higa and his company EMRO (Effective Microorganisms Research Organization) to take up a big shitake mushroom project in Malaysia. Hence, we teamed up with EMRO as business partners and become a key distributor in Malaysia.

Eco-Friendly Business

Even though we are involved in various kinds of businesses, eco-friendly ones have always been close to our heart. This was why we brought an agricultural land in Raub in 1990 and set up Hasrat Wira Sdn. Bhd. with the intention to venture into the plantation of herbal and medicinal plants.

In 2015, Masaaki Group further expanded by setting up Holmez Holding Sdn. Bhd. to venture into the hotel management business.