Our Belief, Mission & Vision

Our Belief

We believe that our future is in our own hands…

We foresee that the common problems faced by humanity in the future will be serious food and water shortage, food safety, environmental degradation, health issues, pandemics, etc. Hence, we hope that the EM technology will become one of the most potent solutions to these problems.

With a mixture of beneficial and naturally occurring microorganisms, which include yeasts (ferment organic matters and act as nutrients for crops), lactic acid bacteria (ferment organic matter and suppress the activity of bad microorganisms) and photosynthetic bacteria (break down harmful pollutants), EM technology helps purify the environment and promote sustainable organic farming.

Fertile soil and biodiversity are important for organic farming. However, under normal conditions, sophisticated technology and a long period of time is needed to establish a productive organic farm. By actively using beneficial microorganisms, EM products speed up this process, making organic farming easier and improving the yield as well as quality of crops.

Our Mission

With our extensive knowledge, experience, and resources when it comes to EM, we are dedicated to working hard for our community and environment. We are committed to keeping our word and delivering the best products and services while providing a safe environment for the next generation.

Our Vision

We strive to be a distinguished corporation that improves the people’s health while maintaining environmental sustainability.