EM Consultation Work

In the long term, overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in agriculture has caused soil to harden, strengthen pesticides, decrease fertility, and pollute water and air, and destroy the natural ecosystem. It is clear that these chemical agents bring hazards to our environment and human health as well.

In the animal husbandry industry, animals in overcrowded livestock operations are raised in stressful conditions with poor hygiene and foul odours. Due to this, excessive use of disinfectants and antibiotics are common as there is a risk of an infectious outbreak.

In aquaculture, the fish are often overfed to speed up production, which ends up creating excessive waste. The waste then turns into sludge, deteriorating water quality. Medicines like antibiotics are also commonly applied in the water to prevent the fish from getting sick. This will affect their habitat and environment.

We, at Masaaki Sdn. Bhd. aim to introduce farmers to chemical-free, natural farming methods using EM Technology. We cater to companies as well as households, giving them technical advice and support. By using EM Technology, we can naturally (but not limited to) improve the quality of soil, plant growth and yield in agriculture, improve immunity against diseases while lessening the use of antibiotics and disinfectants in animal husbandry, improve water quality and prevent the accumulation of sludge in aquaculture, all without damaging the ecosystem, and instead purifying the environment.

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