EM•1 + Molasses

EM•1 + Molasses

EM, short for Effective Microorganisms, is made up of a mixture of beneficial, naturally occurring microorganisms that are mainly of yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria. It is an amazing technology as it has a wide scope of application in fields such as agriculture, animal husbandry, water treatment, waste management and household.

EM•1 has been shown and not limited to:

  • Increase soil fertility
  • Improve root structures, yields and flower bloom
  • Increase tolerance to diseases and pests
  • Enhance fertiliser response
  • Speed up composting
  • Suppress harmful microbes
  • Restore water quality
  • Control odour

To save costs, EM•1 can be expanded to make EMAS (EM Activated Solution). 1 part of EM•1 is mixed with 1 part of molasses and diluted with 18 parts of water, and is fermented for at least a week to create EMAS. Molasses acts as a food source for the beneficial microorganisms.

Available in 1 litre, 5 litres, 20 litres and 1 ton.